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In view of the constantly changing market environment, corporate finance is an issue of great importance for companies and decision-makers. Traditional debt financing can be complemented by alternative financing solutions. We advise you both at the finance structuring stage and throughout the financing process.

In the context of private offerings, we can manage the entire process to ensure a smooth offering on the best possible terms. In addition to traditional equity funds, equity-like funds (mezzanine or hybrid) may also be an option. Through our network, we are in contact with equity investors to meet the widest possible range of client requirements. Depending on the amount of capital required, the industry, business model, majority or minority stake, and the situation of the company, we evaluate the most appropriate investor on a case-by-case basis.

benten capital advises its clients on all matters related to dept. These can arise, for example, in the course of a transaction with regard to the way the acquisition financing is to be structured. In addition, such issues often arise in the context of corporate development as a means of implementing a new strategy or resolving liquidity bottlenecks.

Firstly, we have the necessary experience regarding the structuring and procurement of dept and in implementing different forms of internal financing. Secondly, we have the required access to banks, lenders, institutional debt investors and asset-based financiers.

In legal and financial terms, mezzanine financing represents a halfway house between equity and debt financing. Such mixed models are often of interest in situations in which, firstly, there are no options or only limited options for traditional bank or asset-based forms of financing and, secondly, where there is no intention to bring in additional shareholders. Because of the flexible structuring options it offers, mezzanine financing can be customised to fit the specific corporate situation and particular requirements involved. In this area, benten capital can call on both its team’s comprehensive expertise regarding the design and negotiation of the potential structuring options and direct market access to the relevant domestic and international providers of mezzanine financing.

At a time when capital markets are both challenging and complex, the liabilities side of a company’s balance sheet is growing increasingly important. A modified and adapted structure of the liabilities side is often the prerequisite for implementing vital measures such as corporate reorganisations or a company disposal. However, even for purely economic reasons it may well be appropriate to restructure the liabilities side. For example, this can regularly result in more favourable refinancing terms, eliminate over-dependencies on a limited number of financing partners, or ensure that time-scales for the planned investments and the associated financing are in alignment.


benten capital supports its clients through the entire transaction process to its conclusion. In our multidisciplinary team, you will always find the right contact person for your requirements:

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