Professional preparation prior to a transaction

In the run-up to corporate transactions, there are always strategic considerations that need to be discussed and responded to. We are in a position to discuss such strategy and implementation issues with your team, contributing our market and consulting expertise while offering methods for developing solutions and ensuring the transparency of the decisions taken.

We perform market analyses as preparation for both envisaged company disposals and planned business acquisitions. These serve as a basis for deciding whether it makes sense to initiate the transaction process at all. Depending on the specific requirements involved, we can carry out different levels of analysis, from a general assessment of the market to the identification of specific company profiles. To do this, we utilise a variety of resources, including our access to up-to-date databases with global coverage and our personal network of investors and decision-makers.

As a company grows, it may go through stages in which new strategic options need to be identified and analysed. These may be due to external factors such as new market trends or a changed competitive environment, but also internal factors such as a planned company disposal, a buy and build strategy, or changes in the financing structure.

Based on our understanding of different business models in connection with the specific operational and financial business situation, we are in a position to analyse and evaluate different strategic options and also recommend appropriate courses of action. We attach great importance to the implementation and feasibility of possible solutions and the associated benefits.

Due to each business’s uniqueness and complexity, there may be different ways to increase a company’s value in the run-up to a planned disposal. By this, we mean not only maximising its profitability but also a range of other crucial factors. One example might involve drawing up an opportunity/risk profile of the business that would benefit a potential buyer. Frequently, it’s about optimising the interplay of operational and financial criteria. Thanks to our many years of experience with buyers and investors and the knowledge we have gained of factors that add value in the decision-making process, we can identify the potential in advance of a disposal and recommend appropriate measures. Our goal is to maximise the company’s value when it is sold.

The reasons for a carrying out company valuation are manifold. A business might need to be valued not just because of a planned transaction but also due to the admission or departure of shareholders or to facilitate succession planning. We have many years of experience with all standard techniques for valuing a company using all of the available methods. As well as the recognised theoretical approaches such as yield value and discounted cash flow methodologies, these chiefly involve market and transaction-oriented valuation tools, such as multiplier or comparative procedures. Our goal is to identify a realistic maximum range for the company value as a reliable basis for decision-making and negotiation.


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