Bespoke solutions for all transactions.

Transactions are among the most complex topics in the business environment as each and every transaction is determined by the particular corporate and market situation involved. This means that the appropriate approaches must be worked out on a case-by-case basis. We support our clients through the entire transaction process from the initial idea through to concrete implementation.

benten capital provides consulting services in relation to company acquisitions and sales for small and medium-sized clients, family-owned businesses, corporations and financial investors. Transactions are complex and require customised solutions. We provide our clients with full support throughout the entire process, from preparation of the transaction to its successful completion. In our experience, this strategic approach to the process leads to the most successful outcome.

A structured and systematic methodology is key – including thorough analysis, detailed research and an appealing information memorandum. When discreetly contacting potential buyers and during the sales negotiations, due diligence and final negotiation stages, factual, emotional and tactical elements play a decisive role.

In particular, professional, social and negotiation skills are required. The most vital element, however, is the consultant’s experience. The team at benten capital team has amassed many years of experience in implementing transactions.

Corporate succession planning is a vital task, as there is quite a lot at stake: the future of your own company. In many cases, the succession plan is subject to very specific dynamics and requires creative and customised solutions.
Alongside purely economic factors, tax, corporate law and emotional aspects are often important in succession planning. We are open to working with our clients’ in-house advisers and can also call on our own network of specialists if necessary.

Our aim is to ensure both the successful continuation of the business and the satisfaction of our clients.

Especially for small to medium-sized enterprises, management buy-ins (MBIs) represent an important option in succession planning. Frequently, this also involves questions about the financing of the purchase price. We support our clients in finding suitable candidates from a wide range of industries and with different professional backgrounds.

If necessary, we also take care of the financing of the purchase price through the procurement of the appropriate capital or investors.

While organic business growth is good, it may sometimes not be enough for a variety of reasons. One alternative involves growing a business by means of acquisitions, using what is termed a “buy and build” approach.

The advantages of such a strategy are diverse and range from drawing on the opportunities offered by new clients to exploiting synergies to accessing new technologies.

However, a buy and build strategy can also serve as preparation for a company sale by increasing the value of the business.

Based on our expertise across a range of sectors and our strategic know-how, we can evaluate appropriate strategies in cooperation with our clients and then implement those strategies in a targeted way.


benten capital supports its clients through the entire transaction process to its conclusion. In our multidisciplinary team, you will always find the right contact person for your requirements:

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