Distressed services

benten capital also focuses on supporting corporate transactions in crisis and restructuring situations as well as in insolvency scenarios. When businesses are in crisis, targeted and rapid measures are essential. As your consultants, we do not offer a standardised approach. Rather, we develop best possible solutions in a timely manner, taking into account the different interests of the stakeholders. We act for the benefit of the businesses affected, the appointed insolvency administrators, and also individual groups of creditors. 

Restructuring always places special demands on all of the parties involved. Frequently, a vital measure in such business situations is the initiation of a streamlined M&A/corporate finance process. As well as modifying the financing structure and selling off either parts of the business or the entire company, the aim often includes providing the existing shareholders with an additional strategic partner. Alongside a substantial financial contribution, this is designed to deliver benefits such as long-term operational added value for the ongoing development of the company. In a tense situation of this type, a high degree of reorganisation-specific transaction expertise is essential, along with prior experience of restructuring procedures, since complex business, legal and procedural issues often have to be resolved within a tight time scale. We have many years of experience and know-how in situations of distress and restructuring that involve a variety of corporate financing and transaction forms. Needless to say, in such difficult situations we cooperate closely with our clients‘ in-house advisers so as to achieve a successful outcome.
Distressed M&A in der Sanierung
M&A transactions in insolvency situations have a range of special features that tend not to arise in standard corporate transactions. Knowledge and experience of both these particular challenges and the specific key factors for success are of vital importance in ensuring that transactions are concluded in the best possible way under conditions of insolvency. One example of the special challenges involved lies in the unusually acute time pressure. This is because the overall situation for both the buyer and the seller tends to deteriorate the longer the transaction process goes on. Other critical aspects relate to the heightened uncertainty as regards both corporate planning and the overall transaction process. Thus, essential elements for a successful outcome include a streamlined and efficient transaction process, high speed combined with a transparent approach, and an effective structure for communicating with the participants in the process. The partners at benten capital have in-depth and far-reaching experience in these areas, gained through successfully consulting on a wide range of insolvency transactions. With our expertise in this area, we can also offer added value of particular interest to insolvency administrators.
Distressed M&A in der Insolvenz