Committed solely to our clients´ interests while aiming to achieve the best possible results.

Our corporate philosophy is defined by a set of key principles. They reflect our outlook and identity and form the basis for our actions. 

As an owner-managed consulting firm, our only commitment is to the interests of our clients. This allows us to approach our work with the necessary objectivity and remain free of any conflicts of interest. Absolute integrity and discretion are the bedrock of our consulting services. We see these as indispensable prerequisites for successfully completing transactions in a collaborative way. 

We are convinced that we can only achieve the greatest benefit for our clients by bringing the utmost diligence and quality to our work. We lay the groundwork for this with our highly qualified partners and employees and our unconditional commitment to our shared goals. Our work depends on personal capabilities such as negotiation skills and creativity in combination with our consulting expertise and our vast experience with transactions. When we agree to undertake a project, we commit to the objective agreed with absolute passion and the drive to succeed. 

The ultimate yardstick for our work is the satisfaction of our clients. Only if they are happy will our business activities lead to long-term success. Our solutions and the way we implement them are as varied as our clients. They are the yardstick by which we want to be measured, because they are the driving force behind everything we do. 

At benten capital, every project is personally supervised by two responsible partners through to its successful completion. This ensures that at least one partner is always available to the client at all times. We are convinced that the success of a project depends on the personal commitment and experience of the team and see this as one of our fundamental points of differentiation. 

Our complementary background as investment bankers, auditors, strategy consultants, fund managers and in management positions in industrial companies allows us to quickly recognise and classify our clients’ strategic goals and challenges. Based on this, we regularly find creative solutions to particularly complex situations, which are associated with relevant added value for our clients. 

We work solely in the mergers & acquisitions (M&A) field and – in a supporting capacity – in corporate finance (CF). Only by specialising in this way can we create the added value our clients require and remain free of any self-interest that might result from the provision of other services. Such a focused approach is possible thanks to our experienced team, comprised of partners from a variety of professional backgrounds, and our specialist knowledge of M&A procedures in a range of situations.