Our industries

Based on many years of experience, our team has in-depth industry expertise in the areas of automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, trade, industrial services, facility management and technology. Thanks to our organisational structure involving partners and employees with complementary and multidisciplinary skills, we can add value for our clients.

Because of the large number of transactions and projects we have supported, we can provide high-quality consulting throughout all phases of the project.

Several of our senior partners have many years of experience and a comprehensive network of contacts in the automotive industry due to their background as senior managers or consultants in the sector. Many companies active in the automotive industry are facing major challenges due to technological advances in the core business, new mobility concepts, digitalisation and tougher environmental compliance requirements. In many cases, the technologies involved can only be secured rapidly by means of acquisitions or joint ventures. 

Senior partners at benten capital have many years of experience in management roles within mechanical and plant engineering companies or have assisted with their growth over the long term as consultants. We have successfully leveraged our knowledge of the market and our extensive contacts in the mechanical and plant engineering sector in a variety of transactions, both within Germany and internationally. Many of our clients in this segment have been family-owned companies for generations.

For many such family-owned firms, selling off the company or shares in it often represents the only way of ensuring the mid- and long-term continuation of the business. For others, however, an equity/M&A process can open up additional growth opportunities and bring added value by adding the right partner to the pool of shareholders.

In an internationally competitive environment, innovation cycles and the durability of business models are becoming shorter and shorter. New high-tech applications and products are constantly being established in the context of Industry 4.0 and the highly dynamic changes in the areas of digitalisation, automation and technology.

At the same time, sustainability and environmental compliance are growing in importance. Thanks to our great affinity with and experience of the technical sector, we can quickly develop a deep understanding of new business models and their potential. We also have pertinent global contacts to leading “tech-savvy“ investors.

By helping to select the right partner for the many investment and M&A projects we have successfully undertaken, we have been able to add significant value – not only in monetary terms – for our clients‘ other business activities.

The German medical technology sector consists predominantly of small- to medium-sized enterprises. While short production cycles, a high level of innovation and ongoing digitalisation offer opportunities, they also represent a constant challenge, particularly for businesses in this sector. In the context of an equity/M&A process, expanding the pool of shareholders will often lay the groundwork for additional growth and added value or unleash the latent value of the business for its shareholders.

Over recent years, senior partners at benten capital have actively assisted with and successfully concluded a large number of international transactions in medical technology.

Digitalisation is having an increasing impact on virtually every sector. The trend towards ever greater connectivity, hyper-networking, enhanced customer experience, and high expectations in terms of cybersecurity, means that software and infrastructure are facing major challenges. Mergers are a key feature of these rapidly developing markets.

Many companies are securing the knowledge and the specialist personnel they need through acquisitions, joint ventures or equity interests. The partners at benten capital have successfully assisted with a wide variety of transactions internationally in this sector in the context of both business acquisitions and disposals.

Traditional trade and logistics are undergoing major changes due to the increasing automation affecting all of their processes, the digital management of the supply chains, and online business transactions.

Corporate transactions can help businesses to unlock value from their existing operations or improve their market positioning and/or market share over the short term. We have recently successfully supported a number of trading companies with corporate transactions.

Companies that can play a role in the drive for improved financial efficiency are those most likely to benefit from the positive growth of the aerospace industry. The focus here is on material and engine-related developments and on innovations in the cabin area.

M&A activities can give businesses access to both development partnerships and the associated opportunities for growth with the right partner companies. We have assisted with a number of transactions over the years.