An international network

We work with selected senior partners in all relevant markets in the “Best Friends” network. Corporate transactions abroad require a local presence. Personal networks in the respective country, a command of the local language, knowledge of the national circumstances and direct access to local companies and sources of information are essential for the success of an international corporate transaction. That is why our partners are in particular locally based investment banks, M&A boutiques and M&A desks of auditing firms or management consultancies.

In contrast to network organisations, we work with experience-rated partners who are selected and integrated on a “project-specific” basis.

Our “Best Friends” network covers all transaction-relevant countries:

  • Western Europe in its entirety
  • Eastern Europe with Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Turkey in particular
  • North America, Central America with USA, Canada and Mexico
  • South America with Brazil and Argentina
  • Asia with China, India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore in particular
  • Middle East, particularly Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia
  • Africa with our partner in Mauritius and a network over the entire continent
  • Australia
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